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Did you know that LP Tank manufacturers are required to install a Flow Limiting Device on all Tanks to be used with gas grills.  If you are experiencing a low heat problem, it is probably not the grill that is the problem, but the Flow Limiting Device (FLD)
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Did you know that the average life of a smoke detector is about 10 years?

You see, the sensor element inside the detector actually degenerates over time, eventually making the detector worthless. So now would be a good time to see if it's still functioning by putting a candle or cigarette (or cigar if you prefer) directly underneath it to make it go off. If you have a battery operated detector, please change your battery when you change your clocks.
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You've installed smoke detectors on all levels of your home to keep you safe from fire, but you also need to install CO sensors to be safe from carbon monoxide.
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