The Flow Limiting Device or Bypass Safety Feature

What is the Flow Limiting Device/ Bypass Safety Feature?

-LP tank manufacturers are required to add a Flow Limiting Device (FLD) to all 20# tanks. This device prohibits gas flow when an excessive amount is detected.

Why does this occur?

-Generally the FLD is triggered because the lighting instructions for the grill may have been followed improperly. If the control valves are turned on BEFORE the LP tank is turned on, the FLD will trigger. This prevents an excessive amount of gas from entering the grill prior to lighting. If this gas were allowed to accumulate, "flare up" or injury may occur. The FLD prevents this.

How do I know if the FLD has been triggered?

The most common symptoms are as followed:

1. Burners won’t light

2. Burners have a small flickering flame in HIGH position.

3. Barbecue temperature only reaches 250-300 degrees in the HIGH position.

How do I reset the FLD?

Resetting the FLD is simple; just follow the 7 easy steps.

1. Be sure the LP tank and control knobs on the grill are in the "OFF" position.

2. Disconnect the hose and regulator from the tank.

3. Turn all the control knobs on the grill to the HIGH position.

4. Wait for about 1 minute. This allows the excessive gas to escape thereby resetting the FLD.

5. After waiting one minute, return all control knobs to the OFF position.

6. Reconnect the hose and regulator to the LP tank.

7. FLD is now reset, test the grill by following the operator’s instructions on lighting the grill or refer to the list below.

Lighting Instructions

1. Start by slowly turning the valve on the LP tank on…all the way.

2. Turn the front burner knob to the HIGH position and hit the Crossover Ignition Switch.

3. Check to be certain that the front burner is lit through the match hole located in the front of the grill’s cook box.

4. After front burner is lit, you may continue to turn the remaining control valves to the HIGH position


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