It is easiest for us to identify your stem or handle needs by measuring your stem from the left where the washer is attached to the right where the handle fits on the knurled end (The Broached end).

 Broached ends are unique by manufacturer and is critical when identifying your stem or cartridge. The chart below will help you identify your existing stem.

 Click on any of the Manufacturer names to find stems and handles with the related Broach

Part # Image   Broach  Manufacturer 
1-1   B-4 12 Point Crane Repcal
1-2 B-6 12 Point Price Pfister 
1-4 B-8 22 Point American Standard 7/16" 
1-5 B-16 16 Point Sterling
1-6 B-12 16 Point Barnes, Burlington. Central Brass, Dick Bros, Eljer, Kohler (Trend) Schaible


1-7 B-33 19 Point Kohler (Valvet)
1-8 B-37 20 Point American Standard 3/8"
1-12 B-31 12 Point Harcraft Brass
1-13 B-14 15 Point Savoy, Wolverine Brass
2-3 B-18 16 Point Gerber Sayco
2-4 B-20 20 Point



3-3 B-22 18 Point Indiana Brass, Union Brass, McDonald
3-7 B-26 17 Point American Brass, Streamway
3-10 B-6 12 Point Universal Rundle
6-5 B-37 20 Point Grohe faucet




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