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The Author | First Chapter 


The Author:

Chapter 1:  The Amherst Area Prior to 1772
 “History on the rocks” Land of the Indian Trails

Chapter 2:  The Holland Land Company 
  The First House…Joseph Ellicott and The Great Iroquois Trail…John Thomson…Benjamin Ellicott

Chapter 3:  Amherst 1802-1817 
  First Deeds in the area …War of 1812…The Summerless Summer of 1816

Chapter 4:  Amherst-Its Name and Formation 
  Lord Jeffrey Amherst...Amherst-Its Formation...The First Town Board...Members of the First Town Board...Frederick S. Miller-"Major Squat"...Judge Slosson.

Chapter 5:  Amherst 1820-1840 
  The French Settlement...The Germans...Life in the 1830's.

Chapter 6:  Amherst Mid 1800’s
 J. Hershey and Company-Oziel Smith, Partner...Jonas Williams

Chapter 7:  Incorporation of the Village of Williamsville
  1850  Benjamin Miller…The Mid Century Williamsville Business Directory 1850.

Chapter 8:  The Hamlets in Amherst
  Eggertsville...The Oldest Lutheran Church in Erie County...The Reverend Adolph Boetttger...The Little Brick Church and Cemetery...School 13...The Eggertsville Post Office...The Eggertsville Hose Company

Chapter 9:  Snyderville
  The Schenck Homestead...Fires at Main and North Harlem Road...School District No. 2...Amherst Central High School...The Post Office in Snyder...The Snyder Hose Company...Major Landowners-Early 1900's...The Amherst Journal

Chapter 10:  Getzville (on the "Peanut" Line)
  Saga of the Moving Post Office...The Little White Church...Getzville's Schools...The Getzville Fire Company...Early Business in Getzville.

 Chapter 11:  Hamlets on Transit Road
  "Snearly's Corner"...The Main Transit Community Volunteer Fire company...East Amherst...Swormville...The Swormville Fire Company

Chapter 12: hamlets on Tonawanda Creek

Chapter 13: Hamlets on the West Boundary

Chapter 14: Other settlements

Chapter 15: Williamsville

Chapter 16: Early Churches ofWilliamsville

Chapter 17: Memorabilia- Williamsville

Chapter 18: The Mills of Amherst

Chapter 19: Development of Transportation in Amherst

Chapter 20: Entertainment in the Early Days

Chapter 21: Chronological Death list, Amherst Veterans of the Revolutionary War

Chapter 22: Chronological Death list, Amherst Veterans of the War of 1812

Chapter 23: The Civil war

Chapter 24:TheSpanish-American War

Chapter 25: Amherst During World War I

Chapter 26: Amherst During World War II

Chapter 27: The Korean Conflict

Chapter 28:Amherst War Memorials

Chapter 29: Amherst's Newspapers

Chapter 30: The Libraries of Amherst

Chapter 31: Dream Island

Chapter 32: The Williamsville Historical Society

Chapter 33: Personal Notices-1870

Chapter 34: Condensed Chronological History of Amherst 1772-1950 

Chapter 35: Amherst Today 1965




  The Author | First Chapter 

Village Hall 1949 A picture of 5583 Main St Village Hall pictured in 1949 was originally built with limestone mined from the Young's limestone quarry which occupied what is now The Country Club of Buffalo. click here to see a bigger picture.
Main St West 1950 A picture of Main St looking West taken in 1959. The Ronecker building on the right is now home to Marty's formal wear. Picture courtesy of Dan Crapsi. click here to see a bigger picture.

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