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The Band

The children were raised surrounded by music, a special gift from their parents who played professionally in the Buffalo area. Being of Irish descent and having a love of music, they decided to create an Irish band, The Colleen's.

In 1986, the Colleens first performed at the Buffalo Irish Center. Since then they have played various venues in the Northeast United States and Canada. In 1992 Dan Cormier from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia joined The Colleens and together formed “The Colleens with Cormier” adding a Down East flavor to their toe tapping entertainment.

What does the future hold – singing on a stage or in the kitchen of friends and family. At either place they'll enjoy the time together and sharing their Musical gifts. So if you have a free evening and you see “The Colleen's with Cormier” are in the neighborhood, stop by.

They’re having a hooley and you're invited.

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